Trolec has recently reorganized its manufacturing plant. We are working on the implementation of "lean manufacturing" measures that will significantly improve our processes. These changes will make it possible to manufacture products faster and at a lower cost, without affecting quality.

Better, faster

Trolec aims to increase efficiency by reducing time wasted in project implementation and production processes. In particular, leveraging production cells in accordance with a “one-piece-flow” principle will reduce transportation times. This method allows a dramatic reduction of the production cycle time by switching parts from one machine to the other without any intermediary.

Also, copying of the order information from one production unit to another will be improved in order to maximize standardization of processes, namely thanks to customized settings and 3D modeling. The customer's data is collected and information then transmitted without delay to production. To achieve a quality result that meets the customer's needs, very specific steps are followed.

We take customer data only once, and then generate: an exact cost price, a precise purchase list, customized shop drawings, standardized assembly drawings and an optimized machining program. Trolec also plans to optimize production by automating digital cutting programs and switching from traditional machines (often unsafe, inaccurate and inefficient) to CNC machines.

Superior efficiency

Compliance with this process allows for precise repeatability of operations and eliminates the risk of errors in the transmission of information between manufacturing stages. The implementation of customized settings could allow Trolec to make 25% efficiency gains in automated manufacturing and reduce its delivery time by 4 working days.

We are halfway through the implementation of the lean manufacturing processes, with development being 75% completed and new equipment now in full operation. Tangible results will be visible in 2016. Trust Trolec for your projects: you’ll get high quality products, in compliance with your deadlines! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to submit your project.